Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Calendar Show!

The Calendar Show is into its fourth day and is a very resounding success! If (as a member), you didn't put any artwork into the show show, you are missing a fantastic amount of exposure to the community!

Saturday was the first day open to the public and 454 ballots were filled in. Sunday's totals have been reported as 177 ballots. (I'll put Monday's totals here as soon as I receive them from D'Arcy.)

Speaking as one of the volunteers who worked Sunday, there was an incredible amount of people who enjoyed the display. Many didn't even know we had an art group in Cornwall and many didn't realize the display was all local talent. But everyone who voted enjoyed the process of chooosing their twelve favourites and helping to decide on the content of our next calendar. Rose, Adele, Bernie Lauzon, myself and Bernie Carriere (who graciously 'rolled up his sleeves' on-the-spot and filled in) all had a great time talking to so many people about art.

By allowing us the use of this large store, Cornwall Square has given us a great opportunity and we owe them many thanks!


Here's a few shots of the setup;

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